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Monday, September 11, 2017

Benefits of Amethyst February Stone Aquarius Birthstone Stone Long Necklace

Amethyst Stone Necklace
Amethyst a beautiful lilac purple gemstone, semi precious stone, a birth stone for the birth sign Aquarius is a beautiful stone widely and universally used by healers.
Amethysts stone has properties of protection and healing.With its history of protecting Kings from getting poisoned or drunk, the stone harmonizes the body and balances the thoughts.
The stone has its energy that helps protection from negative influnecs and negative energy. I have a beautiful finger ring that actually changes color with energy, and becomes absolutely purple or sometimes transparent!
Long necklaces are fashion statement pieces and can be worn with gowns and flowy dresses. Sarees and ethnic wear also brings out the beauty of long necklaces.
the benefits of wearing a long necklace is that the stone directly connects to your naval chakra. the Gut, the solar plexus chakra. You can choose the gemstones that you require for balance and harmonization of your chakra energy and wear these for your benefit.
Especially good for people born under the birth sign Aquarius. February born's love the energy of Amethysts and it brings out the best in them!
All professions benefit form this stone but especially healers and people in medical professions , doctors, nurses, artists and musicians too wear this stone.
On my wish list, A Chunky large Amethyst Gemstone pendant!😄
Gemstones, each one is so beautiful, the glittering beauties have immense powers and they benefit in amazingly beautiful ways. Intentions are important and the more love you give them, the more, manifolds they will give you in return!

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