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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Big Jhumkas and Small Sized Contemporary Gemstone Jhumkis When to Wear Selection Tips

Jhumkis and Jhumkas the traditional earrings have come with  bang with most of the celebrities wearing jhumkis and juhumkas this is sure here to stay. The traditional Jhumkas have made a come back and the widest range of gemstone jhumkas are available in beautiful designs.
Smaller versions of Jhumkas are now seen . Jhumkis are now available in contemporary designs, colorful gemstones and also different sizes. Earrings are an important part of your jewellery and a piece of jewellery that can highlight your whole attire. A single piece of gemstone jewellery is enough to get you attention and great comments in any function or group.
With the choice of beautiful contemporary jhumkis it becomes difficult to select and buy and as we always consider the color of stones and metal, be it gold, silver or plated in one gram gold, we hardly give more importance on the size of the earrings.
And even when most of us buy jhumkas usually ladies ask for big sized jhumkis or small sized which has a lot of variations and differences. The right best sized jhumkis worn can become a centre of attention or take away the glory from your face.
Remember the jewellery is worn to add style to your face and body and not other wise as to we becoming models for display of jewellery pieces!
Selecting the right size in jhumkis is a trick part as a smaller sized pair can go unnoticed and a very large sized jhumkas can take away all attention from you to the jewellery.
Some simple tips while selcting to buy contemporray gemstone studded jhumiks or jhumkas-
1) When you like a large sized jhumkas wear simple elegant clothing and avoid other types of jewellery. A single piece of jewellery, large sized jhumkas are sufficient as jewellery to avoid a jewellery chaos.
2) Smaller sized jhumkis call for attention, try out colorful gemstones and diamonds studded jhumkis hat are attention grabbers in themselves.
3) Large sized jhumkis are already loud so it is better to avoid too may colored gemstones in them and prefer at the most two or three colored gemstones stones with sparkling white diamonds.
4) Gold is always loved by women and large sized gold jhumkas are always in fashion. Prefer to choose red or green stones with this as golden color goes off well and most traditional outfits also have these festive colors.
5) Smaller jhumkis in diamonds go well with chiffons and silks as they give an appearance of grace and style. Loud outfits will mar the effect of small jhumkis and they will almost disappear among the riot of colors.
6) Always choose size of jhumkis according to your personal preferences and style. Large sized jewellery Jhumkas is heavy and will tax the ear lobes more as compared to the contemporary smaller counter parts, jhumkis. If you prefer bigger sized jhumkas go for it as style statements and avoid too much other pieces of jewellery.
7) Keep experimenting with different sizes of jhumkis as there are so many attractive designs and gemstone studded jewellery pieces you can always go in for different looks at different places!
Shock the group by jumping styles, do the unpredicted, choosing bold pieces of gemstone jewellery or chunky jhumkas and another time go in for sleek slim contemporary jhumkis!
Thank You!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hyderabadi Stones Bangles Kadas and Hyderabad Bangles Care

Bangles of colored stones from Hyderabad
The Hyderabadi stone bangles are so famous ladies go specially to purchase from the Hyderabad bazaar, the area of Charminar has so many bangle shops that we are awe struck by the beauty of these colored stones. So shiny, sparkling with true beauty these are a must have for every bride!
With so many design changes the traditional stones still rule the market.
Affordable ranges and in so many colors still the white stones with pink red blue green and yellow rock!
These bangles are fitted in a metal mould with lac covered to set the colored stones in a design pattern.
Care of Hyderabad stones bangles-
1) never wear near hot fire places as the bangels are ste with lac and it may melt witht he colroed stones falling off, which sure does not look too good with empty spaces.
2) Never wash with soap and water. As these Hyderabadi bangles are set in lac these bangles kadas must be protected from water and other liquids.
3) Never use abrasive sponges to clean the bangles. The stones may come off leaving empty spaces, breaking off the beautiful design of sparkles.
4) With use the stones may lose its sparkle and also when stored over years in humid climate.Wipe with soft wet muslin cloth lightly.
5) Store these beautiful sparkling bangles with acre to enjoy the beauty for years. Velvet cloth bags are a good option to store these Hyderabadi stone kadas and bangles.
6) since the lac is a soft material these bangles can crack and break if they fall on the ground, so take care, lest you spoil your bangle set.
7) In case a stone is seen loose or falling off and you find it immediately stick it to maintain the beauty of the designer bangles
I love these beautiful colored stones and the best part is they are quite reasonable as compared to other stones as this is cut glass. And of course there are a variety of attractive designs and bangle sets, also different budget ranges in these bangles and kadas, the cheaper ones don't last long but invest in good quality bangles and with proper care they can be passed on from generation to generation.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Contemporary Gemstone Studded Wall Clocks Care for Gemstone Studded Wall Clocks

Contemporary Gemstone Studded wall Clocks
Wall clocks in contemporary shapes, designs and gemstones studded inside as well as in designs are making way for another level of interiors. From wall paints to artefacts the humble time showing wall clock has gone an immense modification from large circles and long rectangular shaped grand father clocks to a much unique contemporary designer one.
Gemstones of different colors are embedded in the number sections as well as the background of the wall clock designs.
The exterior of wall clocks are made in different types of colored metals and also finished in very funky as well as metallic finishes.
Large sized Contemporary gemstones studded designer Wall clocks displayed in living rooms or any rooms are one good way to make a style statement with keeping the interiors toned down.
How to care for contemporary gemstone studded wall clocks-
1) wall clocks with gemstones need to be hung securely on firm fixtures and also if possible with support clips for added support.
2) Gemstones will need to be maintained clean to keep their sparkle and shine,  crystal clear gemstones only will reflect light and make the wall clocks look good and any dust or grime accumulated will spoil the finish of gemstones.
3) Cleaning procedures need to be done with care. use of soft muslin cloth dipped in crystal washing solution diluted with water and never use soaps or abrasive sponges to clean gemstones in your wall clocks. Wiping cloth must not have loose threads hanging out as they will get stuck in contemporary designs of your gemstone wall clock while cleaning.
4) Hang your beautiful gemstone studded contemporary wall clocks away from direct sunlight and windows where they will be exposed to strong wins and dust , rain.
5) Light reflecting the gemstones will make the piece look great so install proper lighting indirect sources near your wall clocks to bring out the best beauty in them.
One great contemporary gemstone studded wall clock is enough to make eyes turn and your guests awestruck!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Precious Gemstones Diamonds in Wrist Watch Welcome the New 2014 with Brands using Gemstones in Different Accessories

Diamond Studded Wrist Watch
Welcome the new 2014 with revolutionary designs and uses of gemstones. Wrist watches have played an important part in designing and as colors and textures played with watches, with thick wrist bands and fluorescent colors, designers are now also inventing new patterns of use of precious and semi precious gemstones.
Costliest designer watch studded with diamonds. Gold has always been used in watches as gold plated bands and diamonds have also been used since early times but precious tones and that too studded over and over, brand name!

Costliest wrist watch diamond studded  womens watch
Gemstone studded watches need to be worn wiith care.
Avoid contact with hot liquids, water splashing and soaps, avoid partying hard and eating oily stuff!.
Avoid contact or accidentally rubbing against abrasive surfaces, beware while you walk.
Avoid travelling in crowded places, gemstones are always at risk.
Avoid dressing up in embellished sequined dresses or attires as the stones may get accidentally  stuck with embroidery threads .
Avoid makeup or perfume sprays over your gemstones studded watch, as you may scar them or make their appearance dull.
Always clean the diamond studded watch with soft cloth after use and store it carefully in the box.
So the elite few have another passion and expression in terms of precious gemstones, costliest in true terms,  wrist watches!
Thank you!