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Monday, June 23, 2014

How to choose your beneficial geometric shape jewellery with feng shui which geometric shapes jewellery are best for me

Contemporary Geometric design jewellery, Shapes, geometry my loved subject has come up beautifully in latest designer opting for contemporary geometric designs in jewellery. We see a lot of contemporary designs in branded gemstone jewellery. From square diamond studs to the square kada and the pointed triangle shaped necklace are all style statements in jewellery designs. While a square in feng shui represents stability a circle represents completion, powerful energy of the universe bring in metal luck, as circle is the shape that represents metal element. While the wavy free flowing shape represents water element the long rectangular shape represents growth and prosperity.
Contemporary gemstone jewellery is available in many shapes and designers are going out of the way to create beautiful abstract symbolic pieces of jewellery. From the pointed triangular chokers to gemstone studded rectangular balis and chandelier jhumkas we see a lot of geometry and shapes in modern jewellery.
Metallic geometric shape jewellery set of ear rings and neck piece

contemporary jewellery Square shaped kada
Feng shui knowledge can help you to choose the element shape that is best for you and thus you can invite good luck by wearing the right piece of shape jewellery. From the feng shui energy that comes in every form , even in shape of jewellery, this can benefit you and help to give direction as to  how your day goes.
You can find the personality number by using feng shui knowledge and this lucky number can help you in many ways. When looking at the feng shui Ba Gua map that represents and identifies elements and every aspect of your life energy you can thus select shape that falls into the lucky area. This personality number falls in one of the nine squares of the map and this will guide you as to which shape is your best and which colors will be more beneficial for you.
Example the number 2, south west,  represents relationship areas and the element here is crystals and shiny objects. Choose chandelier crystal diamond balis or any jewellery that has two  at a time in design, like two pendant necklace.
For the number representing the strongest space , south, is the most powerful feng shui luckiest number ,that is nine. Nine is a bundle of prosperity totally and best which you can inculcate in your jewellery design by choosing the best feng shui gemstone and following the number nine in number of stones, or in any way getting a customized feng shui gemstone jewellery made. Thus is your number is five it falls in the centre of the space in the feng shui square and this area benefits from clean neat and elegant designs with clean cut edges.
Wear you shape to attract prosperity , choose your jewellery designs following simple feng shui and feng shui happiness, confidence, good luck.
 Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Check you Solitaire before buying How Come You are getting a Solitaire in Budget range Unique Designer Look Alike of solitaires

Check you Solitaire before buying How Come You are getting a Solitaire in Budget range Unique Designer Look Alike of solitaires.
Solitaire look alikes are flooding the market, no they are not fake diamonds but they are judiciously clubbed together smaller diamonds in the shape of solitaire. With the world of look alikes and copies, it is said that every human being has a look alike some where in this world, the diamond merchants and designers are also not left behind.
Certificate of Authenticity for diamonds
With introducing this look alike of solitaires the sales have shooted up immensely and people are flooding the diamond market for purchasing affordable jewellery in diamonds. The diamonds studded are genuine and come with a certificate of authenticity but the size, cents is different.
Less cents, lower the price and as it goes to carats , the price goes on increasing from half cart to one to  more the stone may go into lakhs of Indian Rupees. Thus we see solitaires in lakhs of rupees and this is one dream piece of stone that we love. Large diamond stones have a brilliant shine and clarity and are great stones as finger rings and pendants. 
Look alikes of solitaires coming in lower prices look large sized but actually are smaller , tiny diamonds studded in a manner that they appear to look like a single stone. From the outside at first glance they look like large sized solitaires. When looked closely or when the certificate is checked you see they are a collection of small diamonds fit together in a manner to appear as large single diamond.
If you never tell they will never know, is the statement for those who wish to flaunt solitaire finger rings and large sized diamond pendants. And also if it is affordable and fits the pocket it is great for everyone, unless of course you are sentimental to own that single piece of large solitaire, then you will have to shell out more!
Thank you.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flat gemstone jewellery in Gold Trendy Contemporary gemstone jewellery flat stone advantages

In the latest trendy gemstone jewellery many designers are opting for latest contemporary style designs in jewellery. With colorful patterned and textured gemstones to the color of metals we are today spoilt for choice and have so many reputed jewellery brands into giving us beautiful gemstone jewellery.
Emerald and Diamond Pendant Hollow from inside Budget Jewellery
Flat gemstone jewellery is making way in today’s designs as against the traditional round shaped stones used in every piece. The flat pendants in gold with gemstones, flat shapes ear rings and even flat shaped half beads are making way for a more lighter contemporary feel in jewellery. These customized pieces not only reduce the price of gemstone jewellery substantially but also go very well with western outfits.
Flat stones also have the advantage that they will fall greatly on the skin and give out the stone pattern in a much better fashion. If the gemstone or jewellery piece has self designs, carvings or motifs than these look great when presented on flat gem stones. 
 As compared to round beads which may turn and the designer has to create designs on every side of the round bead here is a little less work for the jewellery designers as well and the customer is also happy with the budget range gemstone jewellery that not only suits your pocket but also looks modern and trendy going along with not only traditional outfits but also for western wear.
Also there is less chances of the stones getting stuck up in your outfit and more visible space means more flat designs that are looking more chunkier and less in weight. No doubt the gold flat jewellery designs are ruling as they are pocket friendly and we get a large sized choker (flat design) in lesser price.
For the love of Gemstones! All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, June 9, 2014

What to Look out for in the Diamond Jewellery certificate Important Details of Diamonds in Certificate to Look For

Your diamond stone jewellery will come with an authenticity certificate and this assures you the originality of the jewellery piece. Never purchase diamond stones, loose, or in jewellery,  without this certificate as there is no guarantee about the clarity, cut and genuineness of the stone you purchase. There are reputed gemological institutes that assess the stones and then certify them with a certificate.
The diamonds are certified from gemology institutes here and abroad. International Gemological Institute India. DGLA another reputed gemological institution, Diamond & Gem Laboratories of America.
DGLA Diamond and Gem Laboratories of America for Certified Diamond jewellery
Some private institutes also certify the stones which I have no experience of.
There are our traditional jewelers who also bring up diamond stone jewellery but they only give their own shop bill and then the clarity or genuineness of the stone is on the reputation of the jeweller and your faith in them.
International Gemological Institute India Certificate for Diamond jewellery

The private jewellers bring out costly diamonds and we also do not get a certificate with this piece of stones studded in gold making it difficult to assess the value of the diamonds. Yes they assure you that you can sell it or exchange it from anywhere, but this becomes a problem as you loose out on a higher percentage while exchanging it form any other jeweller. For the lay person they just look likes sparkling stones in white and we just cannot assess its vale or understand the price ranges.
Each certified diamond jewellery certificate has the details of the  jewellery piece with the  image photograph of the original piece you purchase. The certificate is a card which has details of the piece of diamond jewellery you buy. Each certification institute differs in this card but the details provided are according to certain criteria. Image, on one side you see details like certificate number.
Then there is shape, it be round solitaire, cushion, square, diamond shape, princess, marquise, etc. Then there are also some pieces with many small diamonds together, so the details will be printed on the certificate about the number of stones and each ones size in carats. Stones are measured in cents and carats.
Branded Diamond Jewellery Certificate
Total weight of gold, platinum or silver, sterling silver or any metal is also written along with the carts, this is very important as diamond stone jewellery usually never comes in 24 Carat ranges and is mostly from 18 to 22 carats. Color of the metal is also mentioned, yellow, white gold, rhodium polish or any other polish over gold.
It is important to preserve this certificate of authenticity in case you need to sell, exchange, or make a higher bigger piece of jewellery purchase while giving this piece of diamond stone jewellery. The clarity and carats, cut on the diamond stone helps to bring out the sparkle and the more the sparkle, more the price! Thus bigger the single diamond stone higher the price! For the love of solitaires!
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana !

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Budget Ranges Diamond Jewellery Look for the Details in Diamond You Buy

Budget range Diamond jewellery has flooded the market and even the lowest budget can indulge in the best stone, diamonds. From women to men to jewellery pieces to accessories diamonds still rule our heart. We now see a lot of fashion pieces in diamond stone jewellery and the ranges are also quite affordable.
Diamond jewellery designers are making this precious stone affordable by making budget range jewellery pieces. Every day wear has come up with beautiful unique small pieces that are cool and trendy in diamonds. From small stones studded in finger rings, to smaller weight gold ear rings with diamonds and even small customized art pieces of diamond pendants are available.
Buying diamond jewellery for the first time is a great experience and we do not want to be fooled, hence getting some information prior to buying helps a lot.  While we see a lot of varying prices in diamond jewellery, especially in budget range diamond jewellery displayed for sale on online diamond jewellery websites. , it is difficult to understand why a finger ring costs lakhs of rupees and a similar sized diamond pendant is much less in price.
What to look out for is the cents of the diamond and certificate of the jewellery purchased in this affordable range of jewellery. The gold metal in these budget range diamond jewellery pieces is usually less weight and carats, usually 18 carts,  hence the lower price.
Diamond in Sterling Silver Budget range Diamond jewellery
Sterling silver jewellery is much less in cost as compared to gold and white gold. Personally I feel when buying diamond jewellery you must not go in for white gold or rhodium polish as the resale value reduces and you have to pay more while purchasing as making charges for these extra polishes. Platinum is another metal which will give out the best look for your diamonds and is quite sturdy but it has low appreciation value as compared to gold that is shooting up.
Every diamond stone jewellery comes with an authenticity certificate and must be collected while purchasing the jewellery piece. In malls and reputed jewellery shops as well as online purchase always check out this certificate of authenticity  and then complete the deal as this is the only way to guarantee you have an original diamond and not a crystal or glass stone!
Unique , designer pieces of diamond jewellery  rocking the market and with diamonds becoming affordable in budget range jewellery it is not a long term dream but one to be enjoyed for everyday!
Have a Great Day and All the Best  from Rizwana!