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Thursday, September 25, 2014

American Diamonds are much cheaper as compared to real diamonds Buying cheap diamond jewellery for Young girls

American Diamonds are much cheaper as compared to real diamonds Buying cheap diamond jewellery for Young girls is a great choice as for safety reasons as well as handling purposes. Synthetic diamonds are also tougher, more sparkly,  and also come at a much lower price as compared to real diamonds.
American Diamonds are much cheaper as compared to real diamonds
Synthetic diamonds are diamonds grown in  laboratories. Yes these have been in around for a lot of time and have been used in  jewelry that is  cheaper as compared to real diamond jewelry.
These synthetic diamonds are grown or made in labs and have no relation to the natural real diamonds found that take years to form.
In controlled environment labs these diamonds are processed and thus have a lot less impurities as compared to the the man searched, mined , real diamonds.
But of course those who have the eye for perfection would recognize a real from the synthetic as they come in cheaper.
They form a good choice for little girls and baby girls diamond jewelry as they come at a lower price than the real diamonds. The college going girls also can wear daily affordable synthetic diamond jewelry without much hassles and care.
Most synthetic diamond jewellery,  as cheap  do not come with certification and certified diamond certificate by reputed diamond assessing organizations like the real diamonds. There is also no guarantee of their carats and weight and the price quoted has no standardization.
Still I really wonder we actually have to just follow the certificate  other wise we as lay people do not understand the carats, the weight as well as how the diamonds are priced, and every designer quotes a different price for real diamond jewelry.
If you love bigger sized budget range diamonds then synthetic diamonds are a good choice.
Except that if you wish to flaunt the real ones , these synthetic beauties, I am afraid will not give you the same pleasure, the choice is yours!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lotus Flower Buddhism Symbol for Good Luck Lotus Flower Finger Ring in Gemstone Jewellery

 The lotus is considered one of the most auspicious symbols in any culture. As  Indians use this flower in temples and religious ceremonies in the Buddhist and Tibetan culture this is a very important symbol for enlightenment and peace.
Lotus Flower Ring on
A lotus gemstone finger ring symbolizes purity, peace and enlightenment
Lotus flowers are very lucky as they grow in dirty and mushy water and the main reason that they grow above the water surface. Its pristine beauty is what has made the lotus the most desirable flower. The symbolic importance of lotus is seen in many Buddhist scriptures and paintings since ages. With Goddesses and Buddha sitting on lotus flower paintings the lotus has been seen in many spiritual and symbolic artworks.
As the Tibet climate is not suitable for growing lotus the symbolic representation of this flower is seen in paintings and carvings. The most important reason for its beauty is that it has a strong stem, very strong, , those who have tried plucking it may know, it need special clipper sot cut the flower from the stem.
Another important fact of lotus is it is pure, beautiful and serene. The flower with all its beauty does not touch the dirty water and is raised from all dirt and mud.
The painting can be hung on any wall in your home or office. Especially in feng shui when we consider the elements and positions for displaying artworks a lotus painting is best in the north west or south west corner of your living room or office.
Displaying a lotus painting in the living room near the entrance is symbolic that the individual has found success after facing many hardships and efforts. And this success in business and finance is due to his hard work. This lotus painting is not like a original lotus flower poster or image and is a designer representation of the flower. 

With the eight auspicious symbols in my artworks the lotus painting has spiritual symbolism and importance. The opening of the lotus flower is highly symbolic and represents peace and enlightenment. 
In gemstone jewelry the motif of lotus flower has been used since ages and still rules the hearts of many. As central pendants for necklaces, ear rings, finger rings as well as baju bands the lotus sure looks very modern as well as keeping the traditional significance intact jewellery designers have this motif used till date in many designer pieces of gemstone jewellery. 
Pink Lotus Flower Finger Ring on
Blue lotus of Wisdom, Red Lotus of Love and Compassion, Water Lillies, check out my lotus flower paintings on
All the Best from Rizwana!