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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sang - e -sitarah, adventurine, gold stone, sand stone Benefits

Sang - e -sitarah, adventurine, gold stone, sand stone. A type of glittering glass made in low oxygen atmosphere. Italian name avventurina meaning adventure or chance. Also called Stellaria. Sang-e- khorshid in Persian, sang means stone and khorshid means sun and sitarah means star in persian. For its starry reflections also known as monks gold or monk stone. 
We also have the blue purple gold stone, reflecting the tiny
specks of light glittering crystals within. 
Gold stones are actually man made stones and its sparkle is due to copper particles.
The golden one is for sacral chakra.  The blue goldstone is for throat chakra. An energy stone helps build confidence, courage and a positive outlook. Helps to attain goal with less effort. Stabilizes emotions and helps to be calm.  Protection and purification stone. It is also believed to bring in good luck and abundance to the wearer
Blue Gold stone Finger ring
Gold Stone finger ring

A very good stone to bring in happiness, creative energy and luck,  I have the golden brown and blue ones, awesomely beautiful sparkling beauties! just saw on google, two more beautiful colors in gold stones,  a green gold stone, and a purple one, it looks amazing!
do share your stones benefits and your experiences with gemstones!
loving the gold stone so much have been attracted to this beautiful sparkling hand made paper of coppery color, same effects, this is one of my mixed media paintings, Spiritual Dance.
Spiritual Dance acrylic painting on paper by Rizwana A.

All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Yellow Aqeeq Yemeni Gemstones for Grounding Earth Energy Healing Root and Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Agate Aqeeq Brown Gold stone and Red Rubies
Gemstones have been used for healing and still continue to fascinate me with their beautiful colors and properties. The fist thing that attracts is the shine and color. So the obsession continues with another stone ring added, yellow a stone for solar plexus. While looking out , loved this one, though after wards came to know about its beautiful healing properties. The stone is translucent and has a glow in sunlight.
Red rubies have a beautiful red color represent the color of the root chakra and yellow and brown help for stability, confidence and growth.
The favorite one is the Goldstone with its tiny sparklers, shiny awesomely in sunlight.
All stones on the this side of spectrum, red, orange, browns,  energy, ones are sun stones and best heal and send out good vibrations in sunlight.
The stone is a yellow Aqeeq, Yemeni, in silver ring.a stone good for heart, improves confidence, attracts good luck and prosperity. Good for eye sight and over all health.
Wearers have different experiences and each one benefits differently and its a beautiful stone , healing the solar plexus chakra which so the root cause of all sufferings. Do share your experiences with this beautiful Yellow Aqeeq Yemeni stone!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!