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Friday, November 25, 2016

Platinum Rings Care Difference Between White Gold and Platinum and Choosing Gemstones with Platinum Jewellery

Finger ring 
Platinum, the most beautiful metal, I love this! The metal not only is strong and durable, but also tough as compared to other metals  in jewellery. It also heavy and weighs /density more than Gold. It looks like white Gold but must not be confused with this metal, as Gold is cheaper than Platinum.
Why we love platinum? it holds stones perfect;y and does not wear away, the shine luster remains same even after years. it is also very good for everyday wear and quiet comfortable, especially for sensitive skins. '
Platinum is the costliest metal and on the wish list of every woman! A true symbol of love, purity, rarity and uniqueness. I especially love finger rings with real diamonds studded as it brings out an ethereal beauty feel when I wear it!
Brands and Jewelry designers have Awesum collections of Platinum wedding bands and it is so beautiful, strength and purity, true symbolism for perfect matches and pairs! While you get to choose, from the designs in various price rages, they also mention free polishing services but have not tried this.

Both look same! Platinum and White Gold, but have a vast difference in Price! Visually you will see white gold more shinier and glossy as compared to pure Platinum jewellery. 
White gold is an alloy of gold and some other  metals. Remember it is Gold, yellow. and has to be bleached to get the colour , white gold. While Platinum is a naturally white metal. Though some metals are also added to make it strong, and this is mentioned in the certificate . So while if you look at the two, white gold will have a hint of yellowness as compared to Platinum that looks more of a matt grey.
Platinum being heavier than Gold comes to a higher price tag than Gold in the same weight. Being so strong, it requires a higher melting point hence also the making  charges for Platinum jewelry are more than with White Gold.
There are many gemstones that look great with platinum but I would not prefer to buy a ruby with platinum. Somehow rubies are fire energy and they do not go well with the soothing moon energy of Platinum. Emeralds also look great with platinum. Citrines and other stones also go along if chosen judiciously.
Only factor to consider, it gets scratched, so have to be careful in wearing daily wear finger rings, however there is no loss of metal. Ear rings are great and also give a carefree feel.  Avoid keeping Platinum with other jewellery, keep it in soft muslin cloth to avoid your precious jewelry getting abrased.
Always buy Platinum from reputed brands with certificate of Authenticity, we have not choice as for these white metals, it is the certificate of Authenticity that is the only value to measure its clarity and status!
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What to look out for while purchasing Pure Diamonds Buying diamond jewellery Important Tips

What to look out for while purchasing Pure Diamonds Buying diamond jewellery Important Tips
Each genuine piece of jewellery, be it finger ring, earrings, pendant, necklace or loose diamond stones comes with a certificate. Never purchase a diamond , without this authenticity certificate, even from known sources , without this certificate. Buying a certified diamond stone  jewellery guarantees its authenticity and also while resale is beneficial to have this knowledge about the genuinity of the stone.
Each piece of Branded diamond stone jewellery made with diamonds or semi precious stones is one of a piece only and has its unique card of authenticity certificate. The certificate is given while purchasing the jewellery and it will have the details about the diamond clarity and cut, shape of the stone and the size along with the photograph of the piece of jewellery.
Your diamond stone jewellery will come with an authenticity certificate and this assures you the originality of the jewellery piece. Never purchase diamond stones, loose, or in jewellery,  without this certificate as there is no guarantee about the clarity, cut and genuineness of the stone you purchase. There are reputed gemmological institutes that assess the stones and then certify them with a certificate.
The diamonds are certified from gemmology institutes here and abroad. International Gemmological Institute India. DGLA another reputed gemological institution, Diamond & Gem Laboratories of America.
Some private institutes also certify the stones which I have no experience of.
There are our traditional jewelers who also bring up diamond stone jewellery but they only give their own shop bill and then the clarity or genuineness of the stone is on the reputation of the jeweller and your faith in them.
The private jewellers bring out costly diamonds and we also do not get a certificate with this piece of stones studded in gold making it difficult to assess the value of the diamonds. Yes they assure you that you can sell it or exchange it from anywhere, but this becomes a problem as you loose out on a higher percentage while exchanging it form any other jeweller. For the lay person they just look likes sparkling stones in white and we just cannot assess its vale or understand the price ranges.
Each certified diamond jewellery certificate has the details of the  jewellery piece with the  image photograph of the original piece you purchase. The certificate is a card which has details of the piece of diamond jewellery you buy. Each certification institute differs in this card but the details provided are according to certain criteria. Image, on one side you see details like certificate number.
Then there is shape, it be round solitaire, cushion, square, diamond shape, princess, marquise, etc. Then there are also some pieces with many small diamonds together, so the details will be printed on the certificate about the number of stones and each ones size in carats. Stones are measured in cents and carats.
Total weight of gold, platinum or silver, sterling silver or any metal is also written along with the carts, this is very important as diamond stone jewellery usually never comes in 24 Carat ranges and is mostly from 18 to 22 carats. Color of the metal is also mentioned, yellow, white gold, rhodium polish or any other polish over gold.
It is important to preserve this certificate of authenticity in case you need to sell, exchange, or make a higher bigger piece of jewellery purchase while giving this piece of diamond stone jewellery. The clarity and carats, cut on the diamond stone helps to bring out the sparkle and the more the sparkle, more the price! Thus bigger the single diamond stone higher the price!
Obsessed Over Stones , few of my loved ones!
Blue gemstone of Goodluck Small painting , razarts
Combination of gemstones my precious Kada

What I look for while purchasing diamond Jewellery-
1) It is always advisable to buy from reputed certified jewelers who give a genuine certified certificate about the diamond clarity, cut and size, carats
2) Certified diamond stone  jewellery guarantees its authenticity and also while resale is beneficial to have this knowledge about the genuinity of the stone
3) One of a diamond jewellery piece only and has its unique card of authenticity certificate, no duplicates.
4) The private jewellers bring out costly diamonds and we also do not get a certificate with this piece of stones studded in gold jewellery, making it difficult to assess the actual value of the diamonds.
5)  Image,  you see details like certificate number, shape, it be round solitaire, cushion, square, diamond shape, princess, marquise, etc. Then there are also some pieces with many small diamonds assembled together, so the details will be printed on the certificate about the number of stones and each ones size in carats. Stones are measured in cents and carats.
6) Total weight of gold, platinum or silver, sterling silver or any metal is also written along with the carts, this is very important as diamond stone jewellery usually never comes in 24 Carat ranges and is mostly from 18 to 22 carats. Color of the metal is also mentioned, yellow, white gold, rhodium polish or any other polish over gold.
7) The clarity and carats, cut on the diamond stone helps to bring out the sparkle and the more the sparkle, more the price! Thus bigger the single diamond stone higher the price!
8) For the love of solitaires! Yes that big stone finger ring, comes with a much higher price! Gemstone jewellery designers have come up with a unique idea, I have one diamond finger ring, which has tiny diamonds studded together that look a complete whole, they look like a single big diamond! and what more comes for a quarter price than a big solitaire!
Diamond Ring (Google free images)

Diamonds (Google free images)

But, nothing can replace the feelings of wearing a huge solitaire! Nothing in the world can replace this! Solitaires have a majestic aura, a glamour quotient of its own! No words to describe!
Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Effects of Wearing or Keeping Dragon and Tortoise Jewelry Totems Together Placing Two Gemstone Sculptures Together Symbolism

Tortoise Sculpture 
 Wearing Jewellery of Two different animal shapes together, tortoise finger rings and dragon finger rings together may have strong symbolic meanings and energy consequences to the wearer.
Turtle of Wealth
Dragon Sculpture 
Today we see lots of modern and contemporary jewelry designs and unique shapes in jewelry. The Tortoise finger rings are a favorite among many and not only single but spouses and families together make silver tortoise shaped finger rings and wear these for attracting good luck and wealth.
Feng Shui lays a lot of importance on dragons, since these bring awesum luck for fame and recognition and also wealth.
Dragons of Fame
Dragons since old times are considered auspicious symbols for energy, motivation and bringing about progressive changes in life. The Masters recommend that if Dragon luck favors, that is if Dragons are happy they bring about happy healthy relationships, respect, health, fame, career opportunities and complete goodluck.
Many people wear different shaped jewelery together and it is just selected by shapes, as in finger rings, neck laces, ear rings, chokers, wrist bands, bracelets, nose pins, anklets etc. Mostly young people love to flaunt modern funky jewelry shaped in different unique shapes. And also people struggling with finances , work related issues and unable to hold on to jobs do impassively buy Tortoise and dragon shaped rings to break the spell of evil luck. If worn correctly with positive intentions  these shapes can bring awesum luck.  
Some important precautionary tips while wearing Dragons and tortoise shaped jewelry together-
1) Choose complete figurines and go with natural colors as much as possible in your jewelry.
2) Avoid wearing these two shapes in one finger as they have opposite qualities and energies.
3) Avoid wearing two shapes in one hand. again this may bring hyper energy or confusing energy to the wearer.
4) For chronic patients and heart patients avoid wearing dragon shaped jewelry.
5) For depression and chronic anxiety patients , emotional psychological issues,  avoid dragon shapes and also wear Tortoise shaped jewelry with care.
6) If you feel their are blocks in work and wealth, karmic blocks or issues with holding and keeping job, you can choose a Tortoise that is side ways. It will bring stability.
7) never wear dragon shaped jewelry very close to heart or kidneys and stomach.
8) Never wear Tortoise shaped jewelry near heart or on wrist that is near pulse.
9) Avoid wearing these two together, Dragons and tortoise shapes in jewellery,
10) Also Avoid wearing these two in opposite directions on the same finger, they create a very imbalanced restless energy.
11) For best results choose Tortoise shaped and dragon shaped  jewelry carefully and then take care to wear it in correct fingers with positive intentions.
12) Gifted jewelry needs to be purified before wearing otherwise it carries the past energy of the wearer.
Small Paintings

Happy Galloping Horses

All the Best from Rizwana!
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Side Effects of Horse Shoe Shaped Diamond Ring Symbolism and How to Choose and wear Horse Shoe Shaped Diamond Ring Correctly

Horse Shoe Shaped diamond Finger Ring
Horse shoe, has a lot of symbolic value since olden times. We do still see a lot of Horse shoes nailed over main doors for protection and goodluck. Horse shoe is a symbol for strength and galloping luck from horses. Horses being domesticated animals , sincere, hard working and great strength are believed to be strong symbols for attracting Feng Shui Yang energy,  wealth and prosperity, if placed correctly.
While it was advisable to get a genuine horse shoe from a healthy old horse that has galloped a lot happily, as this has serious effects or side effects on the users luck,  in the shape for jewelry utmost care is required. Yes horse shoe shape is auspicious and a symbol of goodluck, but only if chosen correctly and worn in right direction.
Finger rings are a great way to attract goodluck and just like the Tortoise finger rings attract loads of luck so also the horse shoe shaped finger rings are quite gaining popularity among gemstone lovers.
How to Choose Horse Shoe Shaped Finger Ring-
1) Choose a smooth shape and clear horse shoe shaped finger ring. Broken irregular shapes bring confusion.
2) Diamonds are great , avoid red colored stones in your horse shoe finger ring.
3) Choose clear colored stones and avoid muddy and irregular cut stone in horse shoe shaped rings.
4) While choosing antique old horse shoe shaped finger rings,  if possible buy from reputed antique dealers who know the history of the ring.
5) Avoid exchanging and wearing other peoples horse shoe shaped finger rings. This confuses the Universe and unknowingly you may carry the ill luck accumulated by others.
Symbolic Value of the shape of Horse Shoe-
1) symbol of Goodluck
2) symbol of sincerity and hard work
3) symbol of strength
4) Symbol of focus
5) Symbol of attracting, accumulating, saving,  wealth.
6) Birth stones also bring multiples of luck, if chosen and worn correctly.
7) Symbol of Long life.
Serious Side Effects of horse shoe shaped finger rings-
1) If you don't love the shape it will produce Shar energy.
2) If the ring is not comfortable it will attract negative energy.
3) Irregularity in shape and colour of stones in the horse shoe shaped finger ring will attract confusing energy.
4) If worn facing body will point towards body and begin accumulating negative energy, ill health, low interest in work, less productive energy.
5) If worn incorrectly this will attract losses in opportunities and  loss of wealth.
6) If worn incorrectly in ring finger will affect relationship adversely.
7) usually married people buy a pair for the couple, so it is better to wear it keeping in mind harmony and balance of Yin and Yang , as one person with more Yang, horse shoe luck energy,  will not be able to be compatible with the other creating conflicts and misunderstanding in family marital life.
In case you are already wearing the horse shoe shaped finger ring and find confusing energy, or losses in wealth,  better to remove the ring, wash it with mild soapy water and clean water. dry well, give some fresh morning sunlight, burn incense and purify the ring. Wear it with positive intentions.
Horse shoe shape is a beautiful and very powerful symbolic shape and can eb sued to attract Feng Shui chi, and goodluck energy.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Colourful Purification

Red Dot of Healing

Beautiful Protection
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Serious Side Effects from Black coloured gemstones Wear with care! Precaution and Wearing Tips for Black coloured gem stone!

Black stone 
 Agate and many different coloured gemstones have unique effects and as their properties and chemical compositions are different each stone emits different healing properties. While many people often say this doesn't work for me, there are also some who share serious side effects from wearing particular stones. led to accidents, losses of finances, breakups in relationships, confusing mind energy, and many even are so shocked with fast changes that hardly they get time to take life in hand after wearing innocently a gemstone!
Always be careful while choosing and wearing special gemstones. While you do trust your gemstone dealer and your jeweler, it is always best to always purify your gemstone jewelry and then begin wearing with positive intentions.
 I have seen that gemstones are like small children, they work miracles and shoot up your life energy, success and wealth but they need to be handled carefully and with precaution. You just need to get the right one, and the stone also needs to favour you. Otherwise it just becomes like an ordinary piece of jewelry and may not bring you the desired goodluck effects.
Black coloured stones are to be worn with extreme care and caution, my personal experience. Black stones are so attractive, stylish and elegant, but their healing energy is they draw you towards them. Within few weeks you will start finding yourself alone!
Very strong symbolism and healing energies they do have a mystical power to protect from negative energies. You may have seen tantriks and magicians wear large black gemstones , they will mesmerize and draw you towards them.
Its a beautiful stone! Black stones have their own appeal, and can be worn with some precautions and care.
1) Choose a glittering stone instead of dull black stone
2) See that it does not have cracks and red coloured particles , bloody stones are more strong and we have to be careful with wearing these.
3) If you love a large sized black stone finger ring , never wear it in ring finger that brings marital luck.
4) Serious Yin, lowering energy hence try to wear combinations of stones. Might lead one to aloofness, loneliness and even breakups in relationships on continuous long term wear .
5) Avoid wearing large pendants with only black gemstones. Serious side effects on heart and chakra energy leading to mental disorders and psychiatric issues.
Wearing tips for black gemstone jewelry-
1) Always put intentions before wearing. Have pure intent for self protection  and never to hurt anyone.
2) Wear it sparingly, for less hours only.
3) Avoid gifting black gemstones to wife or girlfriends.
4) Wear it in combination with white diamonds, they will balance the Yin and yang energies.
5) Do not wear someone else black stone jewelry, that is worn by someone previously without purifying the piece.

Blue Stone
Personally I feel if you can't handle the energy then avoid black, Choose a dark blue instead. I have this beautiful sparkling Dark blue gemstone ring, that's Awesum!Not only does it look black at a view but also shines and emits so many colours at different angles. That's what I love about these beautiful original gem stones, even like my Amethyst, it shows such beautiful sparkles of lilac, dark purple and sometimes becomes  transparent like pure glass!
Meanwhile if you have a large black gemstone pendant or finger ring and after reading this wonder what to do with it, use it for meditation and healing. Black stones have great meditative properties and help quieten the mind from stress. Just see that the stone is purified from time to time so that it does not accumulate negative energies and also use it for less time, a few minuets at most!
Hope this helps! Share you experiences with gemstones!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Important Tips while choosing Feet Jewellery Latest Trends in Feet Ornaments Modern Feet Gemstone Jewellery

Swarovski Bare foot Sandals Etsy
Swarovski Bare foot Sandals, modern, trendy, contemporary gemstone jewelry from many different creative ways to dress up with gemstones
Hand made creative gemstone jewelry is ruling this year 2016, and trending most is feet jewelry. Thigh chains are perfect to flaunt that beautiful tall legs with mini jeans shorts. Bare foot sandals as the term goes, is an extension of pour traditional payal, anklet, with connecting jewelry the toes. Gone are the traditional toe rings for the younger lot, Bichaus, and Joduas, and come in trendy bare foot sandblast! while they add up a lot of beauty to your feet, also bring a graceful walk, they sure make heads turn!
 1) While considering gemstones for foot jeweler do avoid precious stones. 2) Semi precious stones add up to some glam quotient with colors in your foot jewelery but avoid wearing your Birth stones in feet jewelry as this may attract disrespect to the birth stone energy. 3) Not all Birthstones love the walking energy and may adversely affect your life energy. 4) It is also advisable to avoid wearing gold jewelry in your feet, as Gold is the ultimate metal luck symbol, after platinum, I love Platinum for its sheer beauty and strength! 5) Check your lifestyle and wardrobe if you really love to flaunt your feet jewelry, and also go in for this trendy arty jewelry only when your legs are in shape!as they sure will draw a lot of attention!
Thigh Chain Google
 Toe rings worn by married women as a symbol of marriage have gone trendy and ladies are flaunting rings in every finger of the feet!
Toe Rings Bichau  Traditional Jodua
Enjoy! Go Ahead, dress up your feet! Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing an Awesum Day!
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Choose Your tortoise Shaped Jewelry Carefully Symbolism of Incomplete Tortoise Shaped Jewellery

Tortoise Shaped pendant
Tortoise shape a strong symbolic Feng Shui cure to attract wealth , protection and prosperity. Tortoise shaped jewellery pieces are unique , beautiful and very creative. Jewelry designers and gemstone dealers bring out the best creative expressions of Tortoise shaped funky jewelry.
From Feng Shui and Healing Symbolic Perspective-
1) Avoid incomplete images of Tortoise shaped Jewelry. It sends incomplete messages to the brain and the Universe. Abstract and irregular shaped Tortoises will look great but not beneficial as Feng Shui cures.
2) Try to see that the Tortoise has four legs , as this affects the incoming wealth from all directions. Also see what design is engraved at its back.
3) Choose gemstones carefully in your tortoise shaped finger ring. Preferably choose Green stones as Tortoises come in shades of greenish grey.Jade and Emerald are best. Coloured stones and mixture of stones may bring in a confusing energy. Especially people with heart disease, chronic diseases and diabetes need to take care in selecting gemstones.
4) you can choose your Birth stones in jewellery as they will be in harmony with your body. But this is not necessary. Go with the energy of the Tortoise. Avoid harsh colours and textures in your Tortoise Shaped jewellery.
5) The Tortoise shape worn in which direction will affect the incoming or out going of wealth. And also the choice of finger you wear it.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!Mesmerizing Triple Luck
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Unique Pirates Contemporary Pendant in Gemstone Symbolism Which Shaped Pendants for Water Luck Career Luck Pirates Contemporary pendant in Gemstone Symbolism

Pirates Contemporary pendant in Gemstone has a lot of Symbolism attached with the shapes. From flying pirate birds to pirate anchor shapes and even treasure chests, love the symbolism as it all comes down to bring in wealth. Lets not dwell upon any fantasy characters of Pirates leaving the fear and negative aspects!
Finally wealth is wealth! and we all love it!
Symbols of pirates eye and anchor are taking interesting attention from those who love creative contemporary modern jewelry. Anchor rings , pendants are great symbols of wealth stability. Pirates eye not only symbolizes victory but also fore sight and success along with power. For those who love to flaunt their jewelry this is a good way to attract Feng Shui wealth and career luck.
Since all these symbols are attached with water and wealth coming form water they can be worn with positive intentions to attract wealth and opportunities.
Just keep in mind some points while selecting Pirates Jewelry-
1) Avoid red colored stones
2) Avoid violent bloody colored stones.
3) Avoid sharp edged jewelelry
4) Avoid incomplete images in shapes like broken wing of birds, half anchor.
5) Avoid wearing these shapes in ring finger.
6) Black stones are allowed but avoid red black stone which indicates boold shed.
7) Avoid irregular shapes, Feng Shui is all about smoothness and going with the flow.
8) Choose colored stones carefully to avoid elements clash. Like red of fire clashes with dark blue of water. Earthy coloured stones and fire stones again do not go to well together. Diamonds are good as they indicate strength and confidence.
Gemstone Pendant Phoenix Bird for Career Fame Luck

Pirates Contemporary Anchor Shaped Pendant

Pirates Eye Contemporary Gemstone Jewelery
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, June 2, 2016

choose metal carefully for finger rings. Why do you have the feeling to remove some types of jewelry

Designer jewellery, gemstone jewelry, modern funky jewellery! there are so many options today and women and men are preferring the modern designs and new materials. While artificial jewellery and artificial or semi precious gemstones are cheaper and come in wide range or prices and variety of attractive designs still the fact remains that from healing energy point of view original metals have their own energy and charm.
Kadas, bands, finger rings all are worn with the materials touching your skin. In fact the gemstones must touch the skin for them to show great healing results. What happens when plastic, acrylic and threads used jewelry is worn?
As any object worn on the body will cove that portion of the skin and if it is healing energy it will thus benefit the wearer. But in case the materiel is of dead energy that is it absorbs negative energy then this will be transmitted to the wearer. We often say and see there is a black band formed on the skin when wearing some type of jewellery, this is accumulation of dark energy that affects life source and energy.
Fuchsia wrist band 

Swarovski wrist bracelet
Even anklets, kadas, girdle bands, neck chains, hand bracelets, all have to be carefully chose metal and preference given to real silver, gold and platinum. Divine energy is attracted from the universe by these metals and they provide strength, and healing. and Positive energy flows from the metals to the wearer.
Then many women also choose thread tassels for their neck jewelry which is again not advisable as this has no symbolic significance and will attract negative energy around the neck and back. A gold chain along with the neck piece is better as the metal nourishes your body.
Gemstones are also available in many price ranges and one is tempted to choose a s cheaper version that shines better! But here again the benefits form the gemstone will be diluted and though it may sparkle bright the effects will be diluted and this will also accumulate negative energy fast.
This has strong effects on the wearer. Many times you wonder why you cannot wear some pieces of jewelry for long while some ornaments are worn day in and day out with comfort. Even children cry a lot when you make them wear some jewelry and they love some other jewelry that they wear comfortably. it is the energy emitted from wrong choice of gemstones and metals. You will have a compulsion to just remove the piece of jewelry as soon as possible even though it may look great. As this accumulates and attracts negative energies from the environment very soon and your body cant handle this energy and finally you just remove the piece of jewelry and feel relief! Choose metals and gemstones carefully.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Horse Shoe luck painting 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Unique Phoenix Shaped Finger Ring Symbolism and How to Choose Phoenix Finger Ring How to Wear Phoenix Shaped Finger Ring

Unique  Phoenix shaped Finger Ring has great Symbolism in feng shui. The masters believed that symbols of strength and rising phoenix bring in loads of good luck and gives the desired push to a slagging business.
The tradition of the Phoenix birds goes back to thousands of years when all was destroyed but the phoenix bird survived and from the ashes rose above and its also a symbol of rebirth and success. Thus wearing or having the phoenix ring or pendant attracts strength, motivation and success in your life. A great symbol that will help you to face obstacles with ease and lead to happiness and success.
Phoenix Ring on Amazon
While buying choosing a unique Phoenix shaped finger ring do consider the following-
1) Avoid the element wood in any form while choosing the shape of phoenix, fire symbol the phoenix would burn the element wood,and the purpose would go waste.
2) Select the winged Phoenix, a quiet bird will not have the same energy.
3) If you have choice of stones, red and oranges go really well to multiply the energy here. And avoid blue and soothing stones as the energy will drop.
4) Avoid incomplete shapes of phoenix in any jewelry.
5) Wear only one jewelry in shape of phoenix. Avoid wearing too many yang objects as they will create a strong energy which may not be good for all individuals.

How to Wear Phoenix Shaped Finger Ring -
While the beautiful phoenix shaped ring looks so great and has super strong energy symbolism wearing it correctly matters a lot.
Facing away from your body will bring in energy of the rising  Phoenix within you. And in case you wear it coming towards you this will indicate strong energy coming to you. This is also good but in case you are surrounded by negative people and environment it will affect you adversely and lead to irritability, confusion, anger and frustration. Leading to losses in business, opportunities and even in extreme cases closing down of business . remember the Phoenix is a strong bird and use with care, only if you are well grounded and can handle the energy positively.
Phoenix Dragon ring
Phoenix brings opportunities and offers. Always wear your Phoenix finger ring with positive intentions and see the energy help you out of the most difficult situations!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Which stone is Best in Tortoise shaped Jewellery Why Tortoise Shaped Pendant Finger Rings is Best in Emerald and Jade Stones

Choosing best stones and gems in tortoise shaped jewellery comes us as every person may have a different birth stone. More so some people do not love the energy of their birth stones and find it difficult to connect with their birth stones (just like me!), and thats okay.
How to select turtle for luck

Tortoises in feng shui are considered most auspicious due to their tough shell of protection, their wisdom, their persistence and tortoises are known to live for hundreds of years , thus bringing in loads of good luck energy. 
While you see a lot of creative gemstone jewelry and tortoise shaped unique gemstone jewelry people get confused as to which stone to choose in their tortoise shaped rings or pendants. 
Tortoises basically are in nature and love nature. Their original color is sap green towards a more grayish brown side. Choose gemstones that are similar to objects found in real life, and the most closest stone, best lucky stone in feng shui is  Jade , and precious emeralds. 
Green color in Feng Shui is very good to attract prosperity and wealth luck. 
The combination of these is great energy and this has been found to suit most of the times without creating any negative influences on the wearers.
It is best to avoid too many colored stones in your tortoise shaped jewelry as tortoises do not love much yang energy and this may create restlessness. 
Choosing stones, the number 3, five, 7 , 8 and 9 are good. Avoid single stones in your tortoise shaped jewelry.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Owl Shaped Finger Rings Symbolism Choose Owl Shaped Finger Ring Tips

Diamond Owl shaped Finger Ring
 Owl a bird that is rarely seen in cities, but we do see some white owls nearby as we live near a hilly area and of course we humans have actually barged into their habitat,  and the owls are comfortable with this.  Few months back the family of white owls was seen and lots of people panicked! The beliefs are so strong that the poor owls family was driven out,, of course the sound is some what not such a pleasing one, hooting of owls does bring out good pimples!
But in reality Owl are beautiful  large sized birds that symbolize wisdom and intelligence. With their symbolic significance owl shaped finger rings are chosen by owl lovers and those who have their Totem guides owls. In many tribes still owl feathers are used to ward off evil spirits.
Owl shaped  Gemstone Finger Ring
Owl shaped finger rings can be worn in any finger but avoid it in ring finger.I never advise any different shape to be worn except for pure diamonds or gold in ring finger.
Symbolism of owl shaped finger rings and Energy on wearing owl shaped rings-
1) Attracts wisdom intelligence
2) Intuition and visualization improves.
3) Brilliance in your work
4) Quick sharp wit, creative energy.
5) Independence
6) Memory
8) Mystery, Interesting and Confidence
Owl is the symbol of Athene who is the Goddess of foresight and Knowledge. Creative forms of owl shapes and gemstone jewelry is available.
1) Choose owl shapes that look complete.
2) Avoid sharp edges in owl shaped finger rings.
3) See the emotions of the owl  in your ring, especially eyes, must not be angry and violent.
Wear your gemstone unique jewelry with positive intentions to attract good luck and prosperity. If worn in correct direction owls are found to be great guides and protectors.

All the  Best from Rizwana!
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to Choose Navratna Tortoise Finger Ring-Important tips Navratna Tortoise Finger Ring symbolism

Many gemstones Tortoise Finger Ring
Navratna, means nine stones. Nine gemstones studded in one finger ring,, tortoise finger ring has immense symbolic significance in many cultures and especially Hinduism, Buddhism,  religions.
Sanskrit word, navratna, simply means nine stones.
Navratna symbolize great power, good luck and properties of all nine different colored stones, a package or bundle of good luck
Nine stones, navratna are different colored gemstones, Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, blue sapphire, Hessoniate, cat's eye.  .

Ruby represents the sun energy and is placed in centre of the design. And all stones surround this.
The navrtana are believed to protect from evil eye, negative energies and attract good luck,wealth and  abundance.
How to Choose Navratna Tortoise Finger Ring-Important tips
1) Check for authentic stones, glass beads will not show you results.
2) Check for purity,, flawless sparkling gemstones are best. Cracked, muddy gemstones in Navratna Tortoise Finger ring attract confused energy.
3) Check the alignment and same sizes of all Navratna stones to benefit from energy of every stone.
4) Purify the finger ring after purchasing, put intentions and then wear it, avoid beginning to wear it from Saturday.
5) Gifting or receiving of Navratna Tortoise finger rings , check the energy. Only wear it if you are comfortable with this.
6) Always accept the universal energy, sometimes stones don't accept us or work for us, so discontinue the use of these cures. And sometimes unusual stones attract  you and work for you! go with your gut!
7) Things can go seriously wrong with some stones, or combination stones and for each one of us, Stop wearing this if not for you.
8) Sometimes combination stones, can bring confusing energy especially if your sun sign is strong or weak. Or your birth stone is a moon stone that is aggravated by sun energy stones.
In some cases brings confusion, increases expenses, also may bring in ill health.
The Navratna gemstone finger ring and that too in Tortoise shape is a great symbol of complete good luck, A powerful cure for prosperity, when worn in proper finger on proper time and if it works for you, well it  shows miraculous changes!
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Unique Romantic Jewelry Valentine Gift Jewelry and Modern Elegant Gemstone Romance Jewellery

Romantic Jewellery
 Unique, Interesting and Glamorous, is the rule this year ! Valentines Day jewelry need not be two hearts always in pink or red!There are thousands of ways to express love and give memorable gifts that actually will make a special place in the lives of those that matter you most.
Valentine Romantic Jewellery
 From jewellery pieces women also do love unique gifts that are every day use for them. More so jewelry may not be worn on every occasion while objects can present as a new style, new unique attention grabbers in any conversation. While the traditional hearts and the words LOVE inscribed in gemstones always rocks there are so many unique ways to express love.
A Swarvoski pen embedded with real diamonds, A pair of cute pink angels, tow birds in gemstones as well as the cute little Hello Kitty finger ring, which I loved! simple everyday objects, like a wallet, a mug, a purse or a tea coaster  can be transformed into beautiful attractive memorable gifts studded with  unique gemstones and inscribing beautiful words on them.
Also while choosing gemstone jewelry for this occasion try to avoid dark muddy colored stones. It may not be red or pink only , as many people are not comfortable with these colored gemstones, go for pure colored and sparkling ones are great!
Swarovski Ball Point Pen Unique valentine Gift
 Meanwhile don't forget to present your unique Valentine's Day  gemstone gifts in style, its the whole combination of presentation, gift wrapping  and gifting time/place ambience,  that makes your gift special!
I wish you Awesum Happinesses!
All the Best, Happy Valentine's from Rizwana!
Hello Kitty Cute Valentine Jewellery
And if you wish to keep the aura of romance all over the year and your life and not just for a day, you are welcome to see some great unique hand painted memorable  Valentines Day love symbol paintings at my website, Do come by, I would be so Happy to spread the power of LOVE!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hearts Love and Happiness Gemstone jewellery While gifting or buying heart shaped jewelry do keep in mind these points

 Valentines day is just an opportunity to express and share love.
Heart Shaped Diamond Jewellery Pendants on Amazon

White Gold open Hearts Gemstone Jewellery on Amazon
This may not be just romantic love  but it definitely has come up as an opportunity to gift and receive, share your feelings. Love words, images and hearts are a commonest ones that are seen rocking this year's season as an expression of true love and bonding.
From the healing point of view such jewelry brings about a feeling of connection, a healing bonding and helps rejuvenate relationship with new energy.
While gifting or buying heart shaped jewelry do keep in mind-
1) Buy complete heart shaped jewelry. Incomplete images send wrong message to the universe.
2) Avoid black colored stones in heart shaped jewelry. Black hearts do not indicate true love.
3) Inter locking hearts and infinity symbols are also a good way to attract love. They symbolize infinite love and bonding.
4) Buy from reputed stores so that the product you get is of good quality and does not break fast by the seasons end!
5) Heart shaped jewelry can be gifted any time of the year for expressing your feelings and not just for the festive times. Two hearts do not need any explanation to understand the symbolism.
Do Check out the local brands and online gemstone jewelry stores for offers, many offer great discounts  and shipping free for the season , grab the deals!
All the Best from Rizwana!
for some loving hearts art paintings please visit my website, Thank you!!!
Love pendants and finger rings

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fashion Statement Jewellery Hand Made Welcome 2016 with Best Energy! Practical and contemporary Hand Made Jewellery ! Easy care pieces Jewellery!

Happy new Year! As I continue to be obsessed over colored stones adding the ones that connect, loving them and as they love me back, this beautiful year 2016 has come up with more focus on practical wearable jewellery pieces.
Hand made is taking the most prominent place due to its uniqueness and strong feng shui energy.
Uinisex designs rule jewellery pieces!
Wearable down to earth pieces!
Practical and contemporary!
Easy care pieces Jewellery!
Reasonable and pocket friendly Jewellery! so you can have different style statement pieces for every occassion.
and of Course Really Loves your skin! as hand made jewellery is made from natural materials! and with the creativity and love of the designer!
Each piece is a show stopper piece and sharing a wonderful Awesome artist and her creations. Long fashion statement necklaces that are hand made light in weight and good for your skin! Lourdes Zuniga has these lovely hand made necklaces that are truly amazing, in design and creativity and I loved the green one especially with its intricate web designing in yarn and the glistening stones! a beautiful energy connecting right to your heart chakra, and healing! These are available on her shop at
The long design of the necklace just falls right in place of your heart , healing your heart chakra while you wear it with color and energy.
Fashion Statement Long Necklace by Lourdes Zuniga on Etsy
quoted description-   "This Braided Chunky Designers Jewelry Statement Tribal Necklace is crocheted with several strands of gorgeous shimmering Non Allergenic yarns. Love2Style4UFashion* designer fashion accessories are especially designed for stylish women. Be the envy of all your friends by wearing this unique crocheted Braided Chunky necklace! This is perfect for day or evening wear, a fabulous accessory for every season.

For an elegant touch this piece is hand crochet with beautiful Crystal beads...really wonderful combination! 

This is perfect for day or evening wear, a fabulous accessory for spring, summer, fall and winter season. Made from durable yet lightweight cotton yarns, this necklace is also great for the beach or traveling! This yarn is perfect for those that live in humid climates, as it feels lighter than a feather on the skin. Just slip it over your head, perfect solution for anyone who is allergic to metals, a wonderful addition to your accessories collection. This is a beautiful necklace that can be dressy or casual depending on your outfit. My crocheted necklaces are so lightweight and cool you'll forget you are wearing one, except for the compliments you'll receive!"
Hand Made Charms Bracelet Lourdes Zuniga on Etsy
Awestruck by the hand made jewellery designs and their natural earthy energy,  all going with your most trendy contemporary designer wear!
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best and Have a Great 2016!