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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yellow Aqeek Yemeni Yellow Gemstone for Gut Strength and Healing Solar Plexus

Yellow Aqeek Yemeni
Aqeek the gemstone with mystical history. Known for its immense benefits , it is well known that the yellow stone blesses those whom it wishes and that too in immensely beautiful ways. Though the stone has its origin with loads of benefits in Islam it is universal stone and is used for protection and goodluck.
The yellow colour, the colour of the solar plexus. Gut strength! do check out my latest collection of Healing art "Gut Strength".
When we see yellow, this colour has never got its due respect, and I had often heard yellow does not connect with everyone. This is the chakra colour of solar plexus, the root cause from where all desires come up. All fears, anxieties and restricted feelings. The lack of energy here is seen in form of health problems regarding kidneys, stomach, back aches, spine imbalance,  and usually lower part of body problems. people suffering from weak solar plexus are often timid and introverted with weak digestive system, mostly loose motions or constipation. It can also be opposite that these people with an imbalanced chakra are obese and very possessive.
Then the embedded fears, the anxieties that led me in search of healing the solar plexus chakra. If there is low energy, low self esteem and less desire to work , these all come down to a weak solar plexus, the stomach chakra.
The Yellow stone helps heal this beautiful chakra. aqeek stones are so beautiful and , yes it is true , not all love this , and the stone also does not show its love to all!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some of My Gemstones The Hand of the Red Pilgrim How I Choose Gemstones 8 Practical Tips

Some of  Gemstones
 A peek into my life, over the years with the obsession that has now been toned down by my art, the collection of gemstones is limited , but each one unique and with loads of beauty and energy. The journey of the red Pilgrim , full of discovery, obsessions and desires, enjoying every bit of this spiritual journey...While there are so many gemstone lovers and people who love it was not the same for me. It was difficult to buy these stones as some come at quite a whopping cost. Diamonds  are of course my first love and will always remain so after which come Pearls, and then the rest.
With so many of you asking how I choose my gemstones sharing here my emotions and thoughts on this.
1) Of course it is the colour I want, visualize. Some how colours seem to be popping up in my mind and after shortlisting which stones come in these colours I focus on one. Usually during meditations and Doing Reiki healings the chakra energy gets depleted and of course my personal health and aura weaknesses indicate and bring me to that colour. Then mostly it was pink so I have more pink coloured gemstones.My favourite is Rose quartz.
2) I usually put a budget as these gemstones of you buy precious ones are quite costly. So like diamonds, where it is difficult to judge the clarity,  are bought with authenticity certificate. For the other gemstones keeping a practical budget helps, especially if you are obsessed over stones and tend to over buy every time you visit a gemstone dealer!
3) Not all are precious. Semi precious stones are affordable and have their own charm. of course if you can afford the precious , that is Awesum!I prefer a mix of precious and semi precious gemstones.
4) Buy from reputed gemstone dealers , yes, very true, other wise you may end up with a shiny piece of glass! Gemstones are difficult to identify by lay people and all that glitters are not diamonds!This can be reputed jewellers or reputed gemstone dealers. I buy from different sources, the advantage is you get a certified certificate of authenticity of the carat and size of your gemstone.
5) Buy only that stones which you feel connected with. I have not bought so many beautiful stones recommended by those astrologers, I some how can't follow others advice. So I have not taken those even if they assured of the carat and genuinity. The Pink Ruby, stone, I somehow did not connect with it. So did not buy it.I always advice please even if they assure you , you buy only if you love the stone.
Huge Yellow Aqeeq Yameni and Earthy Moon Stone Semi Precious Rubies
6) There are some beauties I have lost , There was this huge green stone ring, Panna, with diamonds, I loved it, finger ring, at Tanishq, but did not, but yet I remember it, it was Awesum! So some times you also lose out on deals and these stones keep coming in your thoughts over the years.... Make the decision if you love a stone!
7) This is very important for every gemstone buyer to understand the concept of gemstones energy. Earth, stones are found from mountains, rivers, sea sides, beaches,  and they are not ours to own. Remembering to thank the universe each time you bring one in your life and wear one attracts so much gratitude and grace from the Universe.
8) Hold the gemstone before finalizing the deal! They are stones that fall in love with you! trust me, if this is mutual love there are immense benefits. Hold them, turn your hand, see how it sparkles, ..some times people also mention that the stone moved, or somehow it communicates to you that it likes you , and once it likes you ,well it is for life!!!
(I also buy from roadside faqeers, I loved their stones since childhood and I have some of my stones from childhood that were really so cheap then , they sometimes have quite rare stones! just don't pay a huge sum here)
Gemstones, each one is so beautiful, the glittering beauties have immense powers and they benefit in amazingly beautiful ways. Intentions are important and the more love you give them, the more, manifolds they will give you in return!
Share, Like , Comment, for the LOVE of Gemstones!
All the Best from Rizwana!

The Hand of The Red Pilgrim
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Diamond strength and Energy Stones How to care for your Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are a girls best friend! woman's best friend and I love Diamonds! Not only do they represent strength and stability, they also have an aura of beauty, elegant and exclusive style. Diamond stone jewellery has been loved since ages and with today we see modern contemporary expressions in diamond studded jewelry. from abstract designs to irregular and off beat diamond jewelry and that too affordable, is taking a liking among teens and young ladies. These designs are not only affordable but these diamond jewelry pieces are easy to maintain and also come in the daily wear range. 
I personally have this favorite stone, diamonds are so beautiful and ear rings with such unique classy designs are available in affordable price range. Finer rings rule the diamond range as they are always symbols of strength and often chosen for wedding rings .
How to care for modern diamond studded jewellery-
1) Diamonds are really very strong stones,  gemstones need to be  securely and firmly fixed and also if possible with proper support , hence only buy from reputed Diamond jewelry brands.
2) Diamonds shine and sparkle, yet exposure to fumes and oily products may dull their shine over use.  will need to be maintained clean to keep their sparkle and shine,  crystal clear sparkly diamonds only will reflect light and make your jewelry stand out and look good and any dust or grime accumulated will spoil the finish of diamond stones.
3) Cleaning procedures need to be done with care. use of soft muslin cloth dipped in mild washing solution diluted with water and never use soaps or abrasive sponges to clean diamonds or any gemstones in your excusite jewellery. Wiping cloth must not have loose threads hanging out as they will get stuck in contemporary designs of your diamond jewellery while cleaning.
4) Try to keep your diamond jewelry away from exposure to direct sunlight and avoid places where they will be exposed to strong winds and dust , rain. 
5) Always store your diamond jewelry in soft silk layered jewellery box, and separate from other gemstone jewellery. 

For the Love of Gemstones!
Light reflecting from your diamonds is what will make the arty jewellery piece look great so see that you wear them in proper well lit environment,  to bring out the best beauty in them.

One great contemporary diamond solitaire studded ring is enough to make eyes turn and your guests awestruck! Dont forget to always buy from reputed stores and always take a certificate of originality.
Thank you for coming by Obsessed Over Stones!

Jhumkis orJhumkas! some tips!

My recent additions of unexpected free gifts , from payback points, were Awesum traditional ear rings. Chand balis, Jhumkas and Ear cufffs. What more I chose them looking at the designs and stone colors but hardly gave a second thought upon the weight of these ear rings. So whenever you buy a Jhumka or a Jhumki, do consider the weight of these earrings  and then go ahead as heavy weight ear rings are not for every one,especially I love diamond ear rings and then comes gold, so these heavy gemstone ones takes a back seat! Jhumkis and Jhumkas the traditional earrings have come with  bang with most of the celebrities wearing jhumkis and jhumkas this is sure here to stay. The traditional Jhumkas have  the widest range of coloured gemstones and are available in beautiful designs.
Chand balis my new latest additions

Traditional Jhumkas
precious Jhumkis 
Obsessed Over Gemstones

Smaller versions of Jhumkas are called Jhumkis ,  now available in contemporary designs, colorful gemstones and also different sizes. Earrings are an important part of your jewellery and a piece of jewellery that can highlight your whole attire. A single piece of gemstone jewellery is enough to get you attention and great comments in any function or group.
With the choice of beautiful contemporary jhumkis it becomes difficult to select and buy and as we always consider the color of stones and metal, be it gold, silver or plated in one gram gold, we hardly give more importance on the size of the earrings.
And even when most of us buy jhumkas usually ladies ask for big sized jhumkas or small sized which has a lot of variations and differences. The right best sized jhumkas worn can become a centre of attention and glory or wrong one can take away the glory from your face.
Remember the jewellery is worn to add style to your face and body and not other wise as to we becoming models for display of jewellery pieces!
Selecting the right size in jhumkis is a trick part as a smaller sized pair can go unnoticed and a very large sized jhumkas can take away all attention from you to the jewellery.
Some simple tips while wearing jhumiks or jhumkas-
1) When you like a large sized jhumkas wear simple elegant clothing and avoid other types of jewellery. A single piece of jewellery, large sized jhumkas are sufficient as jewellery to avoid a jewellery chaos. I usually avoid heavy neck chokers or neck laces when I wear a large sized contemporary Jhumka. 
2) Smaller sized jhumkis call for attention, try out colorful gemstones and diamonds studded jhumkis that are attention grabbers in themselves. Even pearl, they look really elegant in jhumkis. 
3) Large sized jhumkis are already loud so it is better to avoid too may colored gemstones in them and prefer at the most two or three colored gemstones stones with sparkling white diamonds.
4) Gold is always loved by women and large sized gold jhumkas are always in fashion. Prefer to choose red or green stones or diamonds with this as golden color goes off well and most traditional outfits also have these festive colors.
5) Smaller jhumkis in diamonds go well with chiffons and silks as they give an appearance of grace and style. Loud outfits will mar the effect of small jhumkis and they will almost disappear among the riot of colors.
6) Always choose size of jhumkis according to your personal preferences and style. Large sized jewellery Jhumkas is heavy and will tax the ear lobes more as compared to the contemporary smaller counter parts, jhumkis. If you prefer bigger sized jhumkas go for it as style statements and avoid too much other pieces of jewellery.
Do Keep experimenting with different sizes of jhumkis as there are so many attractive designs and gemstone studded jewellery ear pieces you can always go in for different looks at different places!

Shock the group by jumping styles, do the unpredictable, choosing bold pieces of gemstone jewellery or chunky jhumkas and another time go in for sleek slim contemporary jhumkis!That is just what i am goign to do for year 2017! lareg sized bold Jhumkas, Jhumkis and Chand Balis!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Amethyst Gemstone Tortoise Finger Rings Birthstone Tortoise shaped finger ring Not working some Important Reasons

Birthstones are meant to harmonize your aura and your life, past and present as well as future. People wearing birth stones have shown miraculous changes in life and their life jump starts towards pathway to progress.
Choosing birthstone Tortoise finger rings has a different symbolism. The tortoise is the most humble animal and lives for hundreds of years, with its long life span and basic survival capacity it is consider one of the most auspicious symbols in feng shui for long life, protection, goodluck,wealth and prosperity.
Birthstones have strong powerful energy and if you get the right stone, it showers a lot of love and blessings.
Usually I suggest and  advice to avoid finger rings of Tortoise shapes in births tones, it is tricky whether the tortoise energy will harmonize with the energy of your birthstone.
The Tortoises are quiet, slow and love family life and bindings.
While the moon stone has cool energy the emerald has a green soothing energy there is the ruby , topaz, sapphire, and opal with different energies. Some stones belong to the Yin group of energy and some to the Yang group. While individually these birthstones work wonders on destiny, in the tortoise finger ring they may sometimes create confusing energy which may not be such a good one for the wearer.
Had a recent example of amethyst stone confused reader of my blog, Amethysts , February birth stone, has been known to be tricky, my birthstone and I have a genuine finger ring with color changing amethysts stone, that is beautiful lilac and changes colour when worn. The wearer complained of feeling low, drowsy, less motivation to work , loss of relationships and losing focus of future.
Amethyst stone was used in past ages to prevent from drowsiness or getting drunk. It was used as  a talisman for protection from evil eye, evil forces and enchanted spaces.
It is a beautiful stone and does act in different ways, and mostly worn by healers and those on spiritual path.
Yet wearing a tortoise shaped finger ring with amethyst stone embedded on top may not show the same results for every one and the wearer must wear it with positive intentions and notice changes in few weeks. In case you don't notice positive changes it is better to stop using this, clean the tortoise shaped amethyst stone finger ring and keep it in a cupboard, bag or purse for protection.
The energy of the wearer, the lifestyle of the wearer and the karmic influnecs of past and present karma, all influence the effects shown by wearing your birthstone.
Do not cling to your births tone and Amethyst, there are stones that show you awesum love and their are gemstones which we do not connect with, its neither ones fault, stones are known to be like that!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

9 Tips for Buying Two Hearts Shaped Pendants Gemstone Jewellery

In case of buying two hearts shaped pendants gemstone jewellery. 
1 ) see that heart shapes entwine, inter link with each  other and are not separated with wires or metal lines. 2) See that there are only two gemstones, three, indicates third person entry in relationships. 3) See that the gemstone used in heart shaped pendants are clear and not cracked or with too many internal formations. This affects your health and heart working of the wearer. 4) Never choose completely bloody red and muddy red heart gemstones for heart shaped pendants. 5) if buying heart shaped finger rings buy in pairs or when gifting gift two hearts shaped rings.  6) many creative jewellery designers make abnormal and irregular shapes as contemporary heart shaped gemstone jewellery. Choose this carefully as from Feng Shui symbolism  it symbolizes irregular hearts and disturbed relationships. 7) People also buy pendants with half hearts and the other half is gifted to the other partner. A tricky choice since it always brings the wearer half heart energy. Half heart shaped jewellery may make the relationships weak and incomplete always. 8) If the heart shaped pendants crack or chip off do not continue wearing it ,a s it will affect your heart health adversely and also your relationship with your loved one.9) Choose the gemstone very carefully for heart shaped pendants. Avoid black and dark coloured gemstones for heart shaped pendants.  Choose light pinks, greens and soft pastel shapes you love for buying heart shaped pendants for wearing or gifting.
Happy Valentine's Season of Love to You and yours!
Beautiful Love
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Types of Greenery Gemstones for Pantone Colour 2017 Choosing Care with Green gemstones in Turtle Tortoise shaped jewellery

Greenery! A Very Happy New Year 2017, to each one of you and your family!  Trendy and latest fashion statement, with Pantone coming up with an Awesum colour trends for year 2017, Greenery, Feng Shui and turtles Rock! The Green Tortoise finger ring!
Green Stone Finger Ring

Green Emerald Precious Gemstone
Green coloured gemstones will, definitely make a statement space in gemstone jewelry going along with apparels and focal points with green. Top designers and interior decorators do follow the trends and spring summer collections 2017 will come up with greenery as the main focus . Gemstones in green are great feng shui and have a beautiful healing energy . They represent healing the heart chakra and as per feng shui , green colour symbolizes growth, progress, wealth, money and  abundance.
Tortoises and turtles are naturally found in Kale, a grayish green, , sap green , darker, colours and using these green coloured gemstones in jewelry will bring loads of goodluck and healing energy in your lives. Turtles and tortoises are great feng shui symbols to attract wealth, prosperity and long life.  Wearing these symbolic shapes in green coloured gemstone jewelry will not only act as feng shui cures but are also trendy and going with latest jewelry fashion and style.
Green gemstones are so beautiful and they are available in many shapes and can be added to any piece of jewelry, finger rings,ear rings, necklace, pendants, ear cuffs, bracelets and even nose pins!
Emeralds are the most beautiful energy stones I love! Jade comes next in my list!Awesum Feng Shui! Green Jadeite, Green Emerald, Aventurine, Alexandrite, Green Garnet, Green Tourmaline, Green Opal, Green Sapphire,  Green Spinel, Green Zircon, Green Peridot, Green Topaz, Green Pearl,Green Apatite, Green Sunstone, Green Amber and many more!  (types of green stones info credit Google)
Choosing Green Coloured gemstones Turtles and Tortoise Finger Rings and Jewellery-
1) Chose a green coloured gemstone  that is not too dull green as this will affect your body energy and view points, thoughts.
2) Avoid  serrations and cracks in the green gemstone. If they are natural inbulit in raw stone , keep the lines to minimum.
3) Wearing a pendant in green gemstone is very auspicious , see that you choose a brighter green stone and not a dark blacker green, as this will affect blood flow to heart and may also attract depression.
4) Wearing a tortoise finger ring with emerald or jade, green gemstone, choose the finger correctly and the right best direction of the tortoise shape  to bring in wealth luck.
5) Green gemstones can also be displayed raw for a more urbane decor look. Choose the Feng Shui prosperity corner or the east sector.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Green Turtle of GoodLuck
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