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Monday, February 27, 2017

Amethyst Gemstone Tortoise Finger Rings Birthstone Tortoise shaped finger ring Not working some Important Reasons

Birthstones are meant to harmonize your aura and your life, past and present as well as future. People wearing birth stones have shown miraculous changes in life and their life jump starts towards pathway to progress.
Choosing birthstone Tortoise finger rings has a different symbolism. The tortoise is the most humble animal and lives for hundreds of years, with its long life span and basic survival capacity it is consider one of the most auspicious symbols in feng shui for long life, protection, goodluck,wealth and prosperity.
Birthstones have strong powerful energy and if you get the right stone, it showers a lot of love and blessings.
Usually I suggest and  advice to avoid finger rings of Tortoise shapes in births tones, it is tricky whether the tortoise energy will harmonize with the energy of your birthstone.
The Tortoises are quiet, slow and love family life and bindings.
While the moon stone has cool energy the emerald has a green soothing energy there is the ruby , topaz, sapphire, and opal with different energies. Some stones belong to the Yin group of energy and some to the Yang group. While individually these birthstones work wonders on destiny, in the tortoise finger ring they may sometimes create confusing energy which may not be such a good one for the wearer.
Had a recent example of amethyst stone confused reader of my blog, Amethysts , February birth stone, has been known to be tricky, my birthstone and I have a genuine finger ring with color changing amethysts stone, that is beautiful lilac and changes colour when worn. The wearer complained of feeling low, drowsy, less motivation to work , loss of relationships and losing focus of future.
Amethyst stone was used in past ages to prevent from drowsiness or getting drunk. It was used as  a talisman for protection from evil eye, evil forces and enchanted spaces.
It is a beautiful stone and does act in different ways, and mostly worn by healers and those on spiritual path.
Yet wearing a tortoise shaped finger ring with amethyst stone embedded on top may not show the same results for every one and the wearer must wear it with positive intentions and notice changes in few weeks. In case you don't notice positive changes it is better to stop using this, clean the tortoise shaped amethyst stone finger ring and keep it in a cupboard, bag or purse for protection.
The energy of the wearer, the lifestyle of the wearer and the karmic influnecs of past and present karma, all influence the effects shown by wearing your birthstone.
Do not cling to your births tone and Amethyst, there are stones that show you awesum love and their are gemstones which we do not connect with, its neither ones fault, stones are known to be like that!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

9 Tips for Buying Two Hearts Shaped Pendants Gemstone Jewellery

In case of buying two hearts shaped pendants gemstone jewellery. 
1 ) see that heart shapes entwine, inter link with each  other and are not separated with wires or metal lines. 2) See that there are only two gemstones, three, indicates third person entry in relationships. 3) See that the gemstone used in heart shaped pendants are clear and not cracked or with too many internal formations. This affects your health and heart working of the wearer. 4) Never choose completely bloody red and muddy red heart gemstones for heart shaped pendants. 5) if buying heart shaped finger rings buy in pairs or when gifting gift two hearts shaped rings.  6) many creative jewellery designers make abnormal and irregular shapes as contemporary heart shaped gemstone jewellery. Choose this carefully as from Feng Shui symbolism  it symbolizes irregular hearts and disturbed relationships. 7) People also buy pendants with half hearts and the other half is gifted to the other partner. A tricky choice since it always brings the wearer half heart energy. Half heart shaped jewellery may make the relationships weak and incomplete always. 8) If the heart shaped pendants crack or chip off do not continue wearing it ,a s it will affect your heart health adversely and also your relationship with your loved one.9) Choose the gemstone very carefully for heart shaped pendants. Avoid black and dark coloured gemstones for heart shaped pendants.  Choose light pinks, greens and soft pastel shapes you love for buying heart shaped pendants for wearing or gifting.
Happy Valentine's Season of Love to You and yours!
Beautiful Love
All the Best from Rizwana!
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